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    I had to leave home today to get some essential stuff in my neighbourhood. It had been 15 days since the last time I stepped out of my place for essentials. Back then I was pissed off by seeing so many people outside just doing their regular life and business without taking any precautions and distancing. Today, April 5th, with now over 15,000 positive cases in Canada, 1.2 million cases around the world and 64,000 lives lost, I was even more annoyed at seeing the same inaction and the same amount of people just fucking around on Queen St West, and yet not keeping any distance from each other. Two dudes were even coughing openly while waiting in line outside the store. Seriously, what is it that so many people can’t seem to understand about how the chain of contagion works? We all are gonna be stuck in this situation unless we all stop having contact and give zero chances for this to spread. ZERO! Please, please, please! Reduce your time outside for only essential stuff; keep your distance from others if you must go outside, and at least have the human decency to cover your mouth with whatever you can if you’re coughing—but in the first place you should not even be outside if feeling symptomatic. Come on! #toronto #ontario #canada #parkdale
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    Found these little old treasures in the back of my pantry 😍. I brought a little bag of cocoa beans from Mexico months ago, and these remains had been hiding in there for a while, and they are just the best match to accompany my afternoon cup of Oaxacan coffee (from Chocosol). It’s like the feeling of finding old money in an old pair of jeans, but way tastier! 🤤 #diginyourpantry #cocoabeans #hearttickles #fisheyekettle #parkdale #sunday #coffee #toronto #mexico #canada #chiapas #oaxaca #homealone
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    🤤😍 So amazing! I could watch this 100 times in a row. Thank you @patricia_guerrero_oficial #flamenco #arts #spain #dance #passion #heart #soul #love #freedom
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    ✊🏼♥️ Spanish health heroes on break and attempting to keep their spirits up with a positive mindset and attitude—despite the 94,417 cases and 8,269 deaths across Spain 🇪🇸 as of today. #stayhome #healthheroes #spain #españa #doctores #enfermeras #nurses #doctors #thankyou
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    Home serenading and in the good company of my baby plants, Hermelinda and Nazaria. (Both named after my two long-gone grandmothers) And they know how to practice social distancing, too. 🤓 #abuelas #grandmas #homealone #toronto #home #serenade #parkdale #ontario #canada #quiquantine
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    Beets soup today! Trying new recipes is helping me kill some time, and after these times, I hope we will all have learned and added a few new dishes to our home menu👨‍🍳. Thanks to my friend @laurenbailey_lb for the recipe. I still had to improvise on a few things. But the ginger made a great difference. And I almost ate all the beats by chunks while I was chopping them. They are simply so good just boiled and alone 🤓. #droppingbeets #quiquantine #stayhome #beets #betabel #betteraves #toronto #ontario #canada #parkdale #home #casa #homemade
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    Gotta admit that, despite the uncertain times and tribulations going around the world, there seems to be an incredible amount of, small or big, actions of love and kindness going around among people everyday. This has been said many times already, but I want to insist on emphasizing and sending a big shout out to all the nurses, doctors and all health professionals around the globe, who are busting their asses while risking their own lives to save ours. A big heartfelt, thanks to all of you!❣️ Another special shout out to my friend and a hero, Danielle Irwin, who is rocking at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Toronto. 👩🏻‍⚕️😷. To the bunch of us staying home, PLEASE, continue to do so. That is the very BEST way we can help our doctors and nurses to continue doing their jobs safely, efficiently and without them being overwhelmed. Thanks to you too for playing your role. Ps. I dumped a bag of potatoes in soapy water on my sink and this one was the very first one my hand fetched to scrub. Call me a hippie, a nut or whatnot, but I am going to fully believe it’s earth and the universe sending out little signs of love and hope. 🌎 🌌 ✨ Hugs to you all from the Escamilla headquarters in Parkdale, (virtual ones only for the moment!). #stayhome #loveamongus #love #world #nurselife #doctor #unsungheroes #toronto #ontario #canada #soup #bruisedheart
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    Here are today’s numbers, as of March 26th. The USA, with a large surge of new cases only in the last 2 weeks, has reached and surpassed China’s number of cases this afternoon, (while China has been fighting the virus and trying to contain it for the last 3 months, and with a very strict and controlling government). Canada at the bottom of this list, at just over 4,000 cases today, is still taking it very lightly, (though we had only 59 cases 14 days ago, by March 12th) and people are still hanging out or taking a nice stroll outside unnecessarily, and not keeping their FUCKING distance! Canadians who are still not listening and people on social media especially, please save all your laments and complaints to yourselves in two weeks when this 4,000 number of cases has turned into 40,000 (if you or I are lucky enough to not be begging an exhausted doctor/nurse for a ventilator at an overcrowded Toronto hospital by then), just because some many of you still don’t want to contribute or you still don’t believe that this is already among some of us, among your families and among your best buddies. YES! Wake up and just stay the fuck home (if you’re given the opportunity and option to work from home) I really wish @cbc @cbctoronto, CTV News, CTV Toronto, @cbcq, etc...and ALL other Canadian news sources—but mainly the federal government—were all freaking people out with the truth of this reality that we’re also headed to, instead of reporting things lightly and very politely to not panic anyone; not covering the harsh reality and example of other European countries’ daily death ratio—and the hell Europeans are living through now for not having acted early enough. It’s a PANDEMIC, not a god-dammed 14-day loose vacation. (This list comes from this reliable source you can check out daily. The world’s number of cases gets updated every day at 12:00 GTM. At the bottom of the page you can see where the original and international sources of all the cases are coming from. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ #staythefuckhome #toronto #ontario #all #canada #news #getreal
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    Dear friends around the globe 🌎, tomorrow night Tues. 24th, I’ll be live playing an intimate concert from my Parkdale home in Toronto for all of you. I’ll be sharing songs and stories (and highly possible a drink) with you all. Tune in at 7pm ET, (in European CET at midnight, 12AM of Wednesday) here on IG, Facebook, @urgntmusic or @macleansmag. Very special thanks to Canada’s National Arts Centre @nac.cna, Slaight Music, Facebook Canada for supporting Canadian artists through their initiative #CanadaPerforms / and the Toronto musicians' collective URGNT, supporting and presenting local artists. #Repost @urgntmusic with @make_repost ・・ URGNT is committed to ensuring the safety of our performers, crew, staff and the general public, and we are continuously adapting our model on an hourly basis. That being said, we are working with artists to showcase in-house concerts. TOMORROW we feature Juno award winning QUIQUE ESCAMILLA performing in his own home in Toronto at 7pm ET. Quique will be the only one in the room - no crew whatsoever will be on site. Tune in at urgnt.ca, on our facebook page, or on @macleansmag facebook page. You can support this series by visiting our GoFundMe page, linked in the bio. #urgnt #urgntlive #quiqueescamilla #livestream #macleans #solotech #livemusic #toronto #ontario #canada #world #parkdale #chiapas #mexico #folk #rock #cumbia #nationalartscentre . . . . #exclaimdotca #nowmagazine #cbcnews #sharpmagazine #ctvnews #citytvnews #etcanada #bbcnews
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    #Repost @meridianhall with @make_repost ・・・ Our latest episode of “Living Rooms” teaches us how to practice social distancing with a soothing Mexican folk-song, from JUNO-AWARD winning artist @Quique_escamilla Find out how you can discover more of Quique’s music and other daily episodes on our website! #toronto #livemusic #junoawardwinner #parkdale #canada #mexico #stayhome #safe
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    Organized women on the streets of Mexico City, marching on International Women’s Day. 🙌🏽💓 ______________________________________ Posted @withregram • @monlaferte México mi amor #el9ningunasemueve #undiasinnosotras #niunamenos #mexicocity #internationalwomensday
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    Happy International Women's Day to all the amazing, strong, intelligent and empowered women around the world! And big thanks to the ones around my life who make life and the world significantly better, and for making life more enjoyable and meaningful with your all unique qualities, values and trades. Oh! and for giving us all: LIFE. 🙏❣️ #lesfemmes #women #lasmujeres ✊✊ ................................... Posted @withregram • @lajornadaonline Thousands of women, marching towards Mexico City’s main square. Miles de mujeres marchan hacia el Zócalo capitalino por el #8M. #marcha8m #8m2020 #mexico #mex #mx #lajornadaenlinea #marchafeminista #diainternacionaldelamujer Dron: @pabloramosgarcia video: @makspelaez sigue nuestra cobertura en el link de bio. #internationalwomensday #mexico #canada #usa